6+ Bantam Mille Fleur Cochin Project Hatching Eggs!

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    Please note--I will be away sometime in the next week for at least a week (having our first child, who is due any day)--so there may be a delay in me responding to any emails, questions, etc. Please read this entire listing or visit my website (Google me) for even more information. It is very hot here and that coupled with my schedule may result in eggs taking 2-3 weeks to ship (after payment).
    That said, I do not stock-pile or store eggs. Eggs will be freshly laid and shipped within 24 hours of collection. If you are not in a hurry to get eggs, you can order from me later this fall when things have settled down. Thank you!!

    Rare Feathers Farm is proud to offer:

    Auction Info:

    6+ Mille Fleur Cochin (project) hatching eggs from my rare breeds flock. These are a good start for anyone wanting to get into breeding these unique & gorgeous birds! I personally have been working on these for a few years so it's a good opportunity to save yourself a few years of trial/error and get right to the good stuff. [​IMG]

    I recently added a second pen to my breeding program. These birds have good type--especially the rooster who was molting in these pictures. I am still working on their coloring and their size but overall, these are nice birds.


    The eggs are shipped fresh but these are FIRST YEAR LAYERS so these are TEST EGGS.

    Breed Info:

    These are PUREBRED, QUALITY birds from excellent stock. They are bantams and have yellow feet. The rooster is alerted in this photo.


    Additional Shipping Info:

    Each egg will be individually wrapped to prevent breakage while they are in transit. I will send any/all extras just in case any of the eggs do crack or break.

    Fine Print:

    However, I cannot guarantee hatch-ability due to many variables out of my control after the eggs leave my farm--such as shipping & handling, incubation equipment, and incubation methods.


    Please remember I am not a 24-hour fast food place where you can order and expect service immediately! I am doing this as a hobby and I work as fast and efficiently as the time allows. I do have a 40+ hour per week "real job." I cannot guarantee specific availability dates, as I cannot guarantee the laying rate of each of the many breeds that I have. I will get to each and every person that places an order - in the order the date that I receive that order through the web store.


    PayPal only please, NO E-CHECKS! Eggs are TIME-SENSITIVE & CANNOT SIT AROUND FOR A WEEK WAITING FOR E-CHECKS TO CLEAR without comprising hatch-ability!




    Payment must be received within 2 days of auction end or item will be re-listed & negative feedback WILL be left!


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