6+ Bantam White Frizzle Cochin hatching eggs **NPIP**

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  1. Up for your consideration is 6+ eggs from our Bantam Frizzle Cochins

    Pen #1
    1 SQ White Frizzle Cochin Rooster
    2 White Smooth cochin hens
    1 Buff Cochin Roo
    3 Buff smooth Cochin hens
    3 Splash smooth Cochin hens

    We get really gorgeous babys from this pen ! This pen is laying like crazy right now....

    1 SQ Smooth White Cochin Roo
    2 Frizzle Cochin hens
    1 SQ Smooth Cochin hen

    Pen#2 is is one of my newer pens and are not laying a whole lot at this time but you will get a few from this pen as well.

    If you would like some eggs from our other (mixed color pen) ,just let me know and I will add some of those too. (We get gorgeous birds from this pen solid colors and pattern birds.)

    Hatching Eggs will be wrapped in paper towel & bubble wrap indivisually then put in egg in carton securely and packed safely in shipping box with plenty of filling for your eggs safe journey. If you would rather your eggs not be placed in egg carton we can do that safely as well,just let us know.

    We gaurentee fresh,fertile eggs of the breed being auctioned and that your eggs will be packaged safely for their journey.

    The fertility has been excellant ,but as with all shipped hatching eggs I cannot gaurentee your hatch rate due to too many variables out of my control after the eggs leave our farm..... such as shipping & handling,different incubation methods,and incubation equipment and etc...

    Winning bidder to make payment through PayPal to: [email protected] at end of auction so hatching eggs can get right out in the mail to you .

    ~ The White frizzle Cochins are pure white color , not discolored like the sun is making them look in these pictures . ~





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    Fay, I saw you got the white cochins from Danny! so pretty. I got his lemon blues. I can't wait to start hatching babies from mine. His birds have such good body type... If I didn't take the last auction you had up I would take these! LOL I will have over 70 chicks by the end of this week, then the 73 eggs I set last week will be hatching in two weeks.... half of them are cochins..... So I really don't need any more cochin chicks. [​IMG]
  3. Thanks April , Its really kool that your a Cochin lover like myself ! [​IMG]

    Yes, I have a pair of Dannys White and Black Bantam Cochins. They both are excellant quality,with full thick feathering throughout including the feet .They look so much nicer than even the pics had shown,so happy with them.
    Seen those Lemon Blues ,how pretty .I had my eye on those for awhile too,glad you won them.Maybe later on we can trade cochin eggs when we are both ready .I have some LB's in Bator cooking now,can't wait for them to hatch,they are from Candis .

    Have fun with all the lil chickies and Happy Hatching !!!

    Talk at ya Laterz.

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