6+ Barnevelder Hatching eggs

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    This auction is for 6+ pure breed Barnevelder (standard...not bantam) hatching eggs, the plus meaning if at the time of packing I have extra. Fertility has been checked, and is at 100%. I have 1 roo to 2 hens in one breeding pen. These are first year layers, and I have gotten quite a few nice chicks from them for next years breeding. Barnevelders are friendly, very large dual purpose chickens that lay a large medium dark brown egg, these have absolutely beautiful lacing in the feathers as well.

    All eggs are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packed to prevent shifting during the shipping process. I can not guarantee hatch rates because of so many variable, post office mishandling, x-rays, changes in weather, and differences in incubation processes.

    I only accept PayPal.

    Shipping only to the upper 48 states. No international shipping.

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