6+ BBS Bearded Silkie eggs (10 eggs now!)

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    This auction will be for 6+ BBS Silkie hatching eggs. All of my Silkies are bearded and most have vaulted skulls. 5 toes, good seperation.... They are pretty dirty right now & foot feathering isn't as nice because they are outside all day & love the rain. My boys got into it recently so their crests are looking pretty bad, especially my Blue. I got my Silkies from Mary Robbins, Judy-Three Cedars Silkies, Jen (from Oregon), and 1234Muki.

    I just found out recently that my baby girl has Torticollus and I have to make several trips a week to Childrens Hospital for Therapy/Treatment and its not close [​IMG]

    I also have ALOT of White Silkie chicks for sale, if interested please contact me for more info! They are really nice!

    I'd like to ship these out TODAY by 1:00 PM

    If you have any questions please ask [​IMG]

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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gorgeous silkies!
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