6 + BBS silkie eggs

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  1. Up for auction is a 1/2 dozen + silkie eggs from my BBS pen. These lovely girls are laying up a storm right now. Hurry before they go broody!! In this pen is a black cockerel, a splash cock, 3 splash hens/pullets and 4 black hens/pullets.

    One purchaser said she had 100% of the shipped eggs develop.

    I still have some styrofoam shippers left if you are in an area where the weather is still very cold and you are concerned about freezing. The shippers are thick-walled and should protect the eggs from freezing.

    We have waited a long time for these girls and boys to grow up and start laying. I have been very selective about the birds that I have kept and will be adding a few show quality birds over the next few months.

    Please feel free to ask questions and thank you for your bids.




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  2. FLF

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Just wanted to let everyone know, I got eggs from her a couple weeks ago and every single one arrived intact. Even though I had them shipped in one of the REALLY cold snaps, out of 8 eggs I have 4 that look great and 1 or 2 that are maybes. That's pretty great % for shipped eggs, especially in the frozen tundra of PA!

    So somebody needs to snap these up!
  3. Quote:Great! I'm so glad that they are developing. And thank you for the positive feedback!!
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    The box I got her had really been through the grinder- it was torn and dented- but the eggs were ALL intact. Despite being practically scrambled, all eggs were fertile and I hatched a couple nice vaulted babies.

  5. Quote:Yeah! We'll give this another try!! [​IMG]
  6. T.E.R.

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    Just recieved my today all intact. Can't wait to see how many my electronic mother hatches out. Going in tomorrow morning. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks

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