6 + Bearded Buff Silkie eggs

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    I am offering 6+ bearded buff silkie eggs. My foundation breeding stock is from chicks I raised, from eggs, from Sundown Waterfowl, The Bantam Barn and Covered Bridge Poultry. I am getting excellent hatch rates with healthy pretty chicks. All have good black skin and 5 toes and lots of feathering on each foot.

    My stock is well cared for and are happy healthy breeding quality birds.

    I will post photo’s here of my 2 breeding roosters, the hens, chicks that just hatched in September ( one to 2 weeks old in pics), and a picture of a juvenile hen that hatched in July and is almost 11 weeks old in this pic.

    Auction will end Saturday and I will ship eggs collected through Sunday on Monday am. Happy bidding!

    I will individually bubble wrap each egg for shipping. I can not guarantee hatch rates because of so many variables, including but not limited to, post office mishandling, x-rays, changes in weather , and differences in incubation processes. Purchasing shipped eggs is a risk. Please understand this when bidding on hatching eggs.

    I only accept PayPal. Payment due once auction closes via PayPal to: [email protected]
    I ship only to the lower 48 states. No international shipping.

    one year old rooster
    11 week old pullet
    two happy hens
    everybody has had 5 toes and each foot with good feathering
    my second rooster
    one week old chick
    two more pretty hens
    one to one and one half week old chicks
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