6 bearded Splash Silkie Eggs

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    Up for sale are 6 eggs from my splash silkie pen. I have 2 incubators going at this time and so far the fertility has been 100% and the hatch rate almost that. (I lose a few after lockdown for whatever reason).
    All my silkies come from a top quality breeder (name available upon request), not hatchery.
    All have beautiful large tophats, beards and good toe spacing.

    Payment through Paypal at [email protected] so eggs can be shipped right away.

    DISCLAIMER ON SHIPPING: I wrap using bubble wrap, inside an egg carton, wrapped with more bubble wrap and secured inside a priority mail box. I CANNOT guarantee what happens to the eggs after I take them to the post office.

    Chicks hatched 4-24-2011

    Chicks hatched 4-25-2011

    Chick hatched 2-19/2011
    She's at the awkward teenage stage but you can see how pretty they are turning out

    Pics of parents

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