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    Up for your consideration are exactly 6 eggs from my white pen. I have eggs from this pen in my incubator growing babies right now and I will not stagger hatches so I'm offering these. In this pen are 3 lovely hens and a gorgeous cockerel that I purchased from Harvest Breeze Farm. We will be showing 2 of the pullets and the cockerel in all the upcoming shows here in Florida and Georgia and believe we will do very well with them. I would like to get them out no later than Tuesday and it is likely that there will be 1 or 2 extra eggs by then, but in the event there aren't any, please bid accordingly. No broodies anymore, but they haven't started back to laying again so I'm only able to put together 6 eggs at a time and have them still be fresh.

    I pack my eggs very well to withstand the trip to you. This year has been HELL on shipped eggs but I will do everything in my power to get them to you in good shape. I have been using heavy walled styrofoam shippers but it was mentioned that they may be too airtight, so for now I am going to use priority boxes with the same interior packing.




    Newest pic of cockerel take last week.

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