6+ black bantam cochin eggs


Cochins R Us
15 Years
Nov 10, 2007
Mooresburg TN
These eggs will be collected this weekend. will send extras if they lay them. so you might get 12+. shipping just $8.00.


Hi Pidgey, with the new system I wasn't sure how to thank you for the eggs I bought from you last week. I don't think I can leave positive feedback because it was before the new system kicked in. But all the eggs arrived here safe and well.
I love the assortment and thank you for being so generous! It was fun to sort through them and see what you sent. It is like you could read my mind.
21 days seems forever right now. Thanks again.
Let me know if you ever do an assortment!! I would love to buy some of your Sliver Pheonix, Sliver Spangled Pheonix, Partridge silkies , Millies D'Uccle, black Cochins!!

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