6 Black Copper Marans and 6 Frizzle standard Easter Eggers hatching eggs

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    6 Black Copper Marans Hatching eggs. My Black Copper Marans are out of great blood lines, Wade Jeanne Line C1 and Channing Grisham. I have also added other great lines to improve the egg’s color. Copper eggs are 7 to 9 on the Marans scale.


    6 Frizzle standard Easter Eggers lay blue/green eggs. Frizzles are birds that have feathers that grow backward, making them look like they were in a wind storm. Hens are standard Easter Eggers, rooster are frizzle. And one Blue Ameruancana but is not the dormant rooster in the pen. Chicks have a 50% chance of being frizzle.


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