6+ Black East Indie Eggs Presale

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    Mar 7, 2008
    The weather hasn't stopped these little ducks from laying. Tonight I received my third egg from the flock and have decided to start taking reserves for when they are in full swing. Pictures will be available once our latest cold snap makes it warm enough to try to catch everyone with the camera.

    This is a flock of seven hens and four drakes to ensure optimal fertility, ranging from 1-3 years in age. Nothing in this flock is over 2lbs in size, with the smallest hens weighing around 25oz, with the nice, streamlined look you expect from feathered black emeralds. I purchased the flock from an individual who had bought the parent stock from a boy who had shown them in 4H. As a result, I don't know where the original lines came from.

    With seven hens it is very likely that I will be getting at least six eggs within a two-day period once all of the girls are laying strong, with 1-3 extras sent to cover any butterfinger-shipments, and to help ensure you have more ducklings hatch out. Eggs will be available in mid- to late February, which will give me time to cull out the normally-infertile pullet eggs and test fertility (plus start a test hatch) before shipping them out to everyone.

    In order to reserve your batch, send a PM or email and I will set up an invoice through PayPal. If you are interested in any of my other hatching eggs and they are able to be sent at the same time then I will happily combine shipping.

    I would be tentatively interested in doing an egg trade for the following hatching eggs (no hatchery stock, please):

    Silver Grey Dorkings
    Blue/Wheaten Ameraucanas
    Norwegian Jaerhon
    Rose Comb Brown Leghorns
    Delawares (must be large heritage stock)

    Midget White Turkey
    Crimson Dawn/Black Wing Bronze Turkey

    Blue/Black/Splash Indian Runners (must have the upright "beanpole" build)
    Welsh Harlequins (SQ or from SQ/Holderread lines)
    Black East Indies

    American Buffs
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