6+Black Jersey Giant Hatching eggs


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Up for auction is 6+ Black Jersey Giant hatching eggs. Our original flock was started from Ebay Seller "5K Farm" from Florida. Very nice quality birds, fertility is awesome on these eggs. I just hatched out 10 chicks last Friday, and 6 or more daily now, as i keep putting eggs in about daily from my flock. My hatch rate was 100% on first hatch, and is running about 98% now, as the rest of eggs were gathered during rainy weather and were dirty eggs. The eggs i cleaned have been hatching, which was my test run...the eggs i wiped with paper towel and didnt clean were the non hatching ones. So this was my personal test for myself, to see which eggs had better hatch...the cleaned ones versus just wiped off with towel but still abit dirty. We did have some dirty ones hatch also....but just not as good as the ones i cleaned. Thought i would share my news! I have pics on my Page, and also on my website... you are welcome to check out. If you would like to see pics of the chicks or would like to buy some chicks, feel free to contact me.

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