6 Black Wyandotte Bantam Hatching Eggs - Foley/Lundgren X Sayer Line

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    Will consider trade for White Orpington Bantam eggs

    This is Sale #2.
    You are bidding on 6 Exhibition Type
    Black Wyandotte Bantam Hatching Eggs

    NPIP 71-621

    Attn: These eggs are available to ship starting March to May 2012. You will get the first available batch of eggs from our hens! We will only make a few presales available. This gets you reserved on the waiting.
    If we have more than 6 eggs at shipping time, we will add extras, otherwise this is for 6 (six) hatching eggs.

    We have one lovely pair of Black Wyandotte Bantams.

    Jacob (9) will be showing these this year.

    We are offering a limited amount of these eggs at this time.

    We acquired this Cockerel at the Crossroads Joint National.

    Pictured at Crossroads. The Black Wyandotte Bantams were originally from Master Breeder Art Lundgren.
    Jacob has named this Cockerel "Little Jerry".

    Our pullet is from the Mike Sayre line. (Parents pictured) Will try to get a photo soon.

    Jim has been an Endowment Trust Lifetime member of the American Poultry Association since 1991.

    Please don't settle for a production or hatchery Black Wyandotte Bantams. Before you bid on any hatching eggs, ask the seller the source of their flock.
    We accept PayPal only

    The eggs we ship you are fresh. We ship by Priority Mail, and encourage you to have us put your phone number on the package so your local Post Office can call you to pick the eggs up when they arrive. If you wish us to do this, please include it when you send your payment. We wrap each egg individually and take great care to ensure that they reach you safely.

    As with all shipped eggs, we have no control over the conditions during shipment, or your specific incubation environment, so cannot guarantee the hatch rate of the eggs we sell.

    Shipping and handling rate is to the continental US only. We ship only to the lower 48 US states.

    Please understand these eggs are being shipped through the postal service, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to variables in shipping, weather and incubation methods. You are buying eggs. However we do guarantee fresh eggs are collected and wrapped very well for their journey. These SOP Type, Exhibition Black Wyandotte Bantam hatching eggs are from our pair of exhibition breeders. If you do have a concern with shipping, incubation questions, or your hatch please, do not hesitate to contact us.

    We have great success in our incubators but cannot guarantee hatch rate do to conditions beyond our control after they leave our farm.

    Payment PayPal only no e-checks!!!!!
    Payment must be made at time of purchase.

    Please leave feedback after you receive your eggs, not after they hatch.

    You are bidding on eggs, not chicks.

    There will be no refunds unless we are unable to ship the eggs by May 1, 2012.

    File ALL damage claims with the USPS.

    We do not replace shipments damaged by the USPS.


    We are unable to ship these to Minnesota at this time. We are applying to ship to MN, but these eggs are ready to ship!

    Note: The pair photos shown are of our hen's parents. Do not have a photo of her available yet.
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    Beautiful birds!!
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    sorry, somehow got in the wrong thread.
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