6+ Blk/Brwn/Chocolate Orpington Eggs For Sale NPIP & IA

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    Jul 29, 2011
    6+ Blk/Brwn/Chocolate Eggs For Sale as a Buy It Now! These are off of my Blk/Brwn/Chocolate Orpington flock. These will ship the week of 12/12/2011.

    Here are some pictures of the parents.......notice how my Roosters are almost completely Chocolate. My hens have a lot of brown and chocolate pigment along with the black. I am dying to know what this cross will produce. No matter what....I'm sure that it will be VERY PRETTY!

    Here are some pictures of my Chocolate Roosters:

    King (Left) and Kong (Right) with a few hens in the background


    King with a few of the ladies in the Breeding Coop


    Breeding Hens: Penny(Back facing sideways) - Patty(Right Butt Shot) - Peggy (Left Butt Shot)


    And another picture showing the splash of colors of (Brown/Chocolate/Black)


    And here's a close-up of King


    I'm getting good hatch rates here at my farm, but I cannot guarantee the hatch rate once the eggs leave here due to the fact that I cannot control the US Post Office and how they handle the packages. I will mark the box with "FRAGILE" because I am finding that they are handled better that way. I will put "Hatching Eggs" on the box if you want me to. But, some of the workers handle boxes a little better if you put "Fragile".

    My flock is NPIP & AI tested. A certificate will be put in with shipment of eggs. The Orpingtons are very hard winter birds and are prolific brown egg layers. They are a very hardy bird. Please email me with any questions you may have.

    I ship eggs the same way that we would want to receive them! We bubble wrap each egg and place in in a #4 size shipping box (not egg carton) with extra bubble wrap in box all around the individaully wrapped eggs to make sure they don't move. Then we place that box into another box with padding all around it to secure the eggs even more! We will also put a tracking number on the shipment to keep tabs on it. You will be emailed the tracking number as soon as they are shipped, so that you can keep track as well!

    If you want special instructions such as to pick up the eggs at the Post Office...please let me know when you make payment. Also give me your phone number so that I can supply that for the Post Office to call you when your eggs get there! Please supply your email address as well so that I can email you the tracking number. If you want insurance put on your eggs you will have to pay extra for that when you make payment with Paypal.

    NOTE: Please pay through my Paypal account: [email protected]. Please DO NOT use ECHECK as your payment because it can take too long sometimes for payment to clear. As soon as payment clears......I will ship the eggs.
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    clinton ar
    interesting looking birds... where are they from??? and what genetic makeup are they???
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    Jul 29, 2011
    Quote:My cousin gave me the hens when I visited her at the beginning of this year. She had a whole fleet of them and wanted to
    make room for the ones she was going to be using for her breeding program. So that's how I got the hens(just a few).
    The hens carry the Dun which is not a stable color. She did tell me that the Dun is an allele of the Dominant White gene,
    whereas it acts like Blue. Heterozygous Dun gives a darker Khaki color and homozygous Dun gives a Splash, which
    will have varying white to dun markings and can fade to a very light milk chocolate color. You can see a clear picture
    of this on the close-up shot of one of my hens.

    I will tell you this on the 2 Roosters......I purchased them from a breeder in Georgia. She had hatched some eggs
    from Korphus Kluckers. I in turn purchased the young cockerels from her. They were smut black when I purchased
    them and they have continuously turned more chocolate as they age. So, seeing this I decided to see what I would
    get if I covered my Dun Splash hens with them. Totally a project endeavor.....just letting everybody enjoy the ride
    with me....LOL I have a thread started from people who have bought eggs from me and hatched chicks. Getting some
    good looking chicks from these birds. A lot are being born black....but I feel that they may change as they get older
    just like their dad.
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    I see you'r at it again with your beautiful birds.......wish I had room for more right now!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ~Charm1704

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