~6 Blue/Black/Splash/Partridge/Lavender Silkies~$30 shipped~Buy it Now~BeakHouse~

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    This is a sale for eggs I can't fit in my incubators. All orders will be packaged in specially made foam inserts and double-boxed. Shipping is included.

    6+ Silkies (B/B/S, Partridge, Blue Partridge, Lavender)- $30 shipped in foam, double-boxed

    Here are some older pics from last fall, and I'll try to get some current pics. I destroyed the lens on my cell phone so everything looks like it's blurry, and my daughter's camera won't hold a charge. [​IMG] I sold the White roo, and have many new birds in there from various excellent lines.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Please remember that any shipped eggs may go through damaging travel conditions, and I will do everything I can by packing them in specially produced poly-foam (thanks to BYC's Folwrus!) and double-boxing them. I feed my flocks an exclusive diet made of 12+ grains, herbs and spices, with a highly-digestible protein content for robust eggs- and naturally, robust chicks! These eggs ship well and great hatch rates result.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can find my feed recipe here.

    If you pay with an echeck, the VERY SAME eggs will be shipped after the echeck has cleared. Since the echeck takes a while to clear, you must be willing to delay the shipment of your eggs. Using a credit or debit card through PayPal is much quicker. If you are hesitant to do so, you can buy a prepaid Visa for this purpose and put it on your PayPal account. Private sales are a better choice if you want to pay with an echeck, not this format, as these eggs are ready to send.

    Please feel free to ask questions.
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