6+ Blue/Black/Splash Silkie hatching eggs *NPIP* *NY*

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  1. I've decided to offer a set of 6+ from my Blue/Black/Splash silkie pen.

    $30 shipped. Ships the week of July 11th.

    **I have gotten a couple chipmunk colored chicks who are feathering in blue partridge or partridge from one BBS pair. Just incase any hatch out like that.**

    See my website for how I pack www.SundownSilkies.com and my facebook page for more pictures of the birds. http://www.facebook.com/SundownSilkies

    Paypal instant payment to [email protected]

    I have some nice young babies growing out right now.

    **No gurantees on hatching eggs. I do not refund or replace hatching eggs. Once the eggs leave my hands I am not in control of what happens to them (ex: your incubation methods, handling during shipping, etc). If you do not agree, please do not bid.**

  2. Just had a good hatch today. 2 BBS left to hatch. Hatched out so far 6 splash and 7 blues. All 13 are vaulted. Nice toes, toe feathering, nice round plump little bodies.


    Aren't they cute? [​IMG]
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    Jul 7, 2011
    Will you be doing another set to ship the week of the 18th?
  4. Quote:As long as the girls don't go broody on me. [​IMG]

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