6+ Blue copper maran eggs-1 day auction

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    Dec 2, 2010
    6+ Blue Copper Marans eggs-all feather legged- . These should be all blue chicks as we breed our French black copper marans rooster with our blue splash marans pullets, and our splash rooster with our French Black Copper hens. These are very nice quality chickens. All of our chicks have feathered legs. these eggs are about a 7-8 on the marans egg chart.

    We have had 95% and up hatch rate on our eggs here at home, but due to shipping I cannot guarantee yours-Fertility is excellent -Our ratio is 1 roo to 4 pullets-I usually pack with newspaper and bubblewrap, but have found that poly filling and bubblewrap do better. I do wrap each egg individually, and the way id like to recieve eggs- I guarantee fresh eggs-collected today and will be collected also tomorrow. Please pay as soon as possible so these eggs can be shipped fresh- These will be shipped Saturday, Jan, 22 2011 to lower 48 states priority mail. Thanks


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