6 blue marans, 6 Exchequers & 6 wheaten ameracauna eggs


12 Years
Aug 8, 2007
Maryland 21787
I get a lot of requests for a mixed box of eggs. So lets give this a try.....
These are 3 of my most popular breeds.

This auction is for :
6 blue maran eggs
6 wheaten ameracauna eggs
6 exchequer leghorn eggs

This assortment will give you a stunning variety of birds in your yard, as well as a very pretty egg basket every morning.
I have had each of these breeds for 8-10 years, and finding their eggs every day still makes me smile.

Please paypal imediatly after auction ends to [email protected]
I'll ship Monday or Tuesday.

DSC_0263 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

palebluemaransroodec10 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

100_8477e by S!GNATURE, on Flickr

wheaten hen 5/2011 by S!GNATURE, on Flickr
Last time you offered the coronation sussex in place of the Exchequers, is that a possibliity with this auction?

If you could do 9 marans and 9 wheatens I'm in too!!! Possible?

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