6+ Blue Slate Turkey Hatching Eggs - Presale

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    Mar 7, 2008
    None of the girls are laying reliably right now, so this is a reserve auction to ensure that you get eggs to hatch bright and early during the 2011 season. Please keep that in mind.

    These are out of large, heavy birds, in a flock with multiple toms and hens out of different bloodlines. There is a Self Blue/Lavender hen in this flock. Since Blue is an incomplete gene in poultry, from the current birds in this flock you can expect an average of 50% Blue Slate, 31% Self-Blue/Lavender, and 19% Black. These will be reliably available at the end of March or early April.

    I need to get pictures of the toms - none of which will do them justice. I kept back the darkest blue toms possible in order to ensure a nice, bold, vivid color that really stands out in the yard. There is nothing washed out or faded about these birds, and the hens compliment them nicely.

    Blue Slate hatching eggs are $5 apiece, $25 per half dozen, or $45 for a dozen. Shipping is a flat $15 for up to a dozen eggs.

    If you have any other questions about them then please let me know.

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