6+ Buff, fawn or Porcelin, Partridge, Blu Par, Silkie Eggs!


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Up for auction are eggs from my Buff pen, White pen, and my Partridge pen which includes standard partridge, Blue Partridge, and Fawn or porcelin. Check out the pics and see all the colors. Eggs will ship out Tuesday immediate paypal is required at acution end . Eggs will be packed with care to ensure they arrive to you unbroken, but unfortunately I cannot guarentee your personal success rate because of the many hazards of shipping and incubation. All I can guarentee is that your eggs are packed very carefully and are fresh and fertile when they leave here. You can see my packing process here: http://www.freewebs.com/sassysilkies/eggpackingprocess.htm Also be aware that I use Small Priority boxes to keep them from getting crushed by bigger boxes! So if your interrested check out the pics and see if these are for you! Paypal goes to: jenlynn4@roadrunner.com at auction end. Thank you for looking! JEN


Here are some buff chicks I hatched from these verry eggs:

And the partridge:

Here are some of the different colors of chicks:

Oh and more buff chicks:

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