6+ cochin bantam cochin eggs


10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
fort walton beach, fl
I have 6 bantam Cochin eggs for sale out of my show Quality flock. Colors you MAY get are; Black, Blue, Splash,''blue&black&splash mottled'' Smooth and Frizzle Feathered. I always send extras. Any question please pm me.
As you know you are taking a risk when buying hatching eggs! I can not garantee your hatch rate, nor can I garantee that they will be show Quality!
My flock has been Tested NPIP & AI. shipping price will depend on where you live !
My fertility rate is 95-100 % and the only reason i am selling the eggs is because all my brooders are full i wont have many sets of eggs for sale till spring.
Thanks for looking!

some of my hens




my roos


Very pretty birds, the bantam cochins are my favorite and I have just started working on the Mille Fleur Bantam Cochins, bought a beautiful breeding pair off of Lynne several weeks ago and I just love them. Already have a start on some splash and blues but yours are a lot better than mine. I do have some nice show quality blacks and working some in my blues. May have to break down and order some of your eggs and pray I get lucky they hatch. I have been pretty lucky with some so far this year.
How is your fertility this time of year? Have you been checking it?

With so many birds molting it's a tough time of year, my that's just been my personal experience from other breeders.

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