6 + Coronation/Light Sussex Split Hatching Eggs for sale

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    This auction is for a minimum of 6 fertile hatching eggs from a pure Coronation Sussex male over Light Sussex females. If my girls are generous, I will send out more. These birds are so gentle and calm, and are one of the largest that I've seen. They have great character and are excellent layers.

    When hatched, the chicks will be a combination between Coronation Sussex and Light Sussex. The birds will all look like the Light Sussex breed, but will have a recessive gene from the Coronation cockerel. Then, when those birds are bred to a Coronation, they will produce half Coronation offspring and half split offspring. This is an inexpensive way to get the much desired Coronation Sussex breed.

    This chart explains the genetics when breeding the Coronations and the Lights.

    Coronation X Coronation = 100% Coronation offspring
    Coronation X Split = 50% Coronation, 50% Split offspring
    Coronation X Light Sussex = 100% Split offspring
    Split X Light Sussex = 50% Split, 50% Light Sussex offspring
    Split X Split = 25% Coronation, 50% Split, 25% Light Sussex offspring

    There are many other things we do to make sure our eggs are fertile. We use younger birds that are healthy and robust. Experimental data often shows that the highest hatchability is obtained from eggs produced by females in the latter part of their first and in their second laying years (A Guide To Better Hatching, Janet Stromberg). We also periodically switch out our males to eliminate preferential mating. We use a Brinsea 380 incubator and are getting extremely good hatching rates from these eggs.

    These are pictures of the actual parents of the eggs. Visit our website at NARROWGATEPOULTRY.COM for photos.

    We have Coronation Sussex eggs and chicks, Coro/Light recessive eggs and chicks, as well as French Black Copper Marans eggs and chicks. Please check out our website for more information. narrowgatepoultry dot com

    Shipping/Terms of Sale

    We take the utmost care in packaging and shipping our eggs. Each egg is bubble wrapped twice, then placed between layers of packaging material (varies between bubble wrap, shredded paper or pine shavings). However, the US Postal Service is known to handle these boxes roughly, or the eggs may be x-rayed, causing damage to the egg. This is beyond our control and is why we cannot guarantee any hatch from shipped eggs.

    We ship our eggs via Priority Mail through USPS. If you would like Express Mail or would like to have your eggs shipped in a New Horizons live chicken box, please email me separately for a custom quote. The post office is much gentler on live bird boxes than they are on any other.

    If the eggs you purchased arrive intact, we ask that you leave us positive feedback to show that we have fulfilled our obligation to you. As stated above, there are many reasons why shipped eggs will not hatch, none of which is under our control.

    I only mail out on Monday thru Wednesday so that the eggs will arrive to you as soon as possible and not sit over the weekend.


    Payment is expected at the close of the auction.
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