~*~ 6+ Crested Swedish and Call Duck Hatching eggs for sale~*~

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    I only accept Money Order through the mail, I'm sorry for the trouble but I don't have a Paypal Account for many reasons.
    I'm getting about 2-3 eggs every day.

    I have a Crested Blue Swedish drake over 1 Black Swedish Crested duck, 1 Silver Swedish Crested duck, and then there is 2 other ducks in their to side track the drake since he has been really rough with only 2 girls. I can include their eggs if you want or leave them out since I know what their eggs look like.

    I do not guarantee that all will hatch because of shipping. I always try to include extras and I always include delivery confirmation.

    I will calculate the shipping depending on your area that's why it says $0.01

    Please PM with any questions. Thank you!

    They love being sprayed especially when its HOT outside.

    The drake covering the females.

    I no longer have the Silver Crested Swedish drake in the far back.

    I will also include some call duck eggs from my White hen and ButterScotch pair if they lay any before shipping! Both hens are laying! [​IMG]
    You could get mixes or pure ducklings from them. I have some eggs in the incubator and they are fertile! [​IMG]


    Good Luck! [​IMG]
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