6+ Cuckoo Maran Hatching Eggs $12 Shipped Arkansas


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Malvern, Arkansas
6+ Cuckoo Maran Hatching Eggs. My flock is farm raised, non hatchery stock. They don't have any special bloodlines that I know of. They are very docile birds and lay a nice dark brown egg.

My hens are clean legged and my roo is feather legged. Photos posted are of a hen and my roo, some of my eggs, and some of the chicks I have hatched from this flock.

I pack using bubble wrap and ship Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

1 dozen ready to ship, another 2 dozen available to ship Monday or Tuesday.

6+ eggs are $12 shipped
12+ eggs are $20 shipped

Post sold and PM for Paypal info.


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