6+ Cuckoo/splash Silkie Hatching Eggs

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    Aug 23, 2010
    This auctions is for 6+ Cuckoo/Splash Silkie Hatching eggs. I have had amazing hatched from these birds and so have others. In my own incubator I have had 95- 100% hatched. The Rooster is a Cuckoo, and has won 2 blue ribbons in the last 3 years at the local fair. The hen has won only 1 blue ribbon in 1 entries. My splash hen has not been entered in an competitions since she is 9 months old and I am hoping to hatch some chicks from the trio then work on the breed from there. If you have any questions what so ever please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP, as I am on BYC pretty often. I only accept PayPal.

    Here are 2 pics of the Cuckoo Pair -


    I do not have any pictures at the moment of my splash hen but I will have some pictures up before the auction ends. If you see all the pics and would like more just PM me.

    Joy - L.L Farm

    Note - I have a small flock so when the auction ends I may or may not have all 6 eggs. But I will ship the eggs to the new owner ASAP when I got the desired number of eggs from my birds.
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