6+ Curly White Sebastopol Geese Hatching Eggs

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    Rare Feathers Farm is proud to offer:

    6+ White Sebastopol goose hatching eggs. My incubators are all full and I hate for these to go to waste.

    No guarantees on any extras becoming available, although if the girls are cooperating, any extras will be included in your shipment at no cost!

    If you're interested in 10+ eggs--please PM me. I will make you a deal on a group that large.

    The eggs are fertile & shipped fresh!

    Breed Info:
    These are PUREBRED, QUALITY birds from excellent stock. All of my geese are pure white, curly-breasted and originate from Holderread's Waterfowl Farm in Oregon.

    Hatching Info:
    Goose eggs are more difficult to hatch than chicken eggs. It took me two years of trying before I got it right. They require a longer incubation, higher humidity and time to "rest" each day. I also had the best results with a daily misting during the rest period. Please read up on how to hatch goose eggs before bidding to avoid disappointment!

    Additional Shipping Info: Shipping is $17.50 USPS Priority Mail

    Each egg will be individually wrapped to prevent breakage while they are in transit. Of course, once eggs leave my hands they are at the mercy of the postal service. I will ship the eggs as close to the beginning of the week as possible. If you have any questions about my geese or how to hatch, please feel free to e-mail me, I will be more than happy to answer you and help if I can!

    Fine Print:
    I guarantee fresh and fertile eggs of the breed listed. However, I cannot guarantee hatch-ability due to many variables out of my control after the eggs leave my farm--such as shipping & handling, incubation equipment, and incubation methods.

    If you've never hatched anything, please start off with chickens. Don't jump in with both feet and try geese...just a word of advice, from my experience! Please understand that I cannot be responsible if you get a poor hatch rate! I ship out only fresh & fertile eggs but once I hand them over the post office counter, I cannot be held responsible for how they are handled or incubated!

    Pay Pal only. Eggs are time-sensitive and cannot sit around waiting for payment to arrive and/or clear the bank.

    Payment must be received within 2 days of auction end or an unpaid buyer report will be filed.
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  2. Rare Feathers Farm

    Rare Feathers Farm Overrun With Chickens

    Two batches are sold and shipped today. I can ship another batch (or two) on Monday! Thanks!
  3. Rare Feathers Farm

    Rare Feathers Farm Overrun With Chickens

    SOLD OUT for 2014. Thank you!
  4. angelmilke

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    Mar 12, 2016

    Do you have any eggs available this year and if so how much? I would like four, also do u include any extra just incase one is broken?

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