6 day old baby chic might be constipated? Or in a lot of pain! :( Help!!


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Apr 28, 2013
My baby chic has been having problems with poop sticking on her fur, I've cleaned it but it just keeps sticking. Today was the first day I've spent all day out since getting them, so I come home to see a long turd hanging off her fur. I sit down and try to clean it off and it's not budging.. After I give up I set her down and she starts chirping really loud. She tries to reach her butt and pick at the poop but can't reach it. It even seems like she's asking the other chick in the cage to help her. And the worst of it all, it really looks like her butt hole is red. What can I do??


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Feb 5, 2009
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Young chicks can get constipated easily if they don't have a continuous supply of fresh water, and they are prone to kicking heir litter in their water so this can be a challenge. If you've been having trouble keeping the water clean, you could put the waterer on a paper plate or similar, to slow down the kicking the litter in, and raise it a bit higher. Some organic ACV in the water will hopefully help. Also, cool off the brooder a bit, and/or make it larger so they can get away from the heat. They can tolerate being just a little cool much better than being too warm.

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