6 Day Old Chick Biting It’s Own Foot


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Nov 26, 2017
Southwest Idaho
Hey guys.
I have a 6 day old NN chick being raised by a broody bantam in my garage.
There’s only one chick.
They’re in a rabbit hutch with pine shavings for bedding and chick starter and water.
Occasionally I’ve noticed the baby will start frantically chirping and jumping around while leaning down and biting at its foot. It seems to always be it’s left foot.
It doesn’t pick the foot up, it just bites at the top of it while standing. Where the ankle is.
I’ve examined the chick several times now and I don’t see anything other than a little wet bedding stuck there.
It’s only a tiny amount though.
I’ve tried to get video but it stopped doing it before I could.
What could this be?



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Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
Mama is beautifully fluffy, my favorite type :love
If you checked it's foot & leg, all seems right, I'm thinking it's just is "sensitive" to the wet bedding. Maybe it's scary like being grabbed. You could try an experiment, line the enclosure (love it) with potty pads for a day & see if the chick still pecks at it's feet.

I say potty pad or even towels as it's traction, newspaper gets slippery & the ink.


Free Ranging
Nov 26, 2017
Southwest Idaho
Yeah I’m thinking it may just be sensitive to any wetness or perhaps a tiny sliver from the bedding is poking it?
I don’t know...:idunno

Pippin is a bantam buff Cochin.
She went broody on Halloween when she was only about 6-7 months old.
I let her sit on two eggs but only one hatched.
She a really good Mom to the baby.
I feel bad because I can’t let her go outside with the baby because it’s just too cold right now.
I have them in my garage which is insulated so the temps are usually around 50-55 degrees F right now.
I’m hoping the chick will acclimate quickly.
It’s already getting wing feathers. :D

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