6 day old chick seems to be dying

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  1. Xikayla

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    Jan 28, 2016
    My chick hatched 6 days ago and was week and wobbly but the other chick that hatched was running all around eating and drinking right away. This little one didn't seem to figure it out so have been giving her vitamin water with some molasses in it every couple of hours, she pooped several times. Day 3 she wasn't putting weight on her one leg at all and slept a lot. Today, day 6, she still won't peck, but she'll drink. She's mostly laying on her side with her feet stretched out and won't stand. I've out her in a chair to give her rest and time away from the other one. The other one seems to peck her alot. Advice? She's peeping all the time.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    This is rather common with a weak chick. Giving it vitamins with electrolytes, and constantly dipping it's beak into the water, then letting it swallow, is about I that I can suggest. Keep it warm, sprinkle some chick crumbles around it and try to get it to eat. The chick may possibly have a slipped tendon. Scroll down in this link to learn about a slipped achilles tendon:

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