6 day old chicks others pecking on one (please advise)


10 Years
Oct 3, 2009
I have 8 chicks and today I discovered one with some of its neck feathers missing and shortly after examining it I saw a small cut on a lump barely above the right wing socket. when I saw that the chick was missing feathers I noticed that some of the other chicks were pecking on it. So we applied the peck no more and that made the other chicks just peck it even more, so I isolated it into a box with its own heat lamp and I cleaned off the wound and applied some neosporin on the wound and the chick has been trying to peck its own neck. Also it has not been quiet even since i isolated it. How should i reintroduce it to the flock? as well as what should i do for the chick itself in isolation.(Im new to raising my own chicks because im a high school sophomore)Thanks for all the help!


That Wound Dosn't Look Serious And Putting Neosporin Was Ok But You Need To Get That Baby Back With The Others Asap....there Is Pecking And Then There Is Playing.....this Is Playing...when They Get Older, You Will See A More Serious Pecking Going On...really, Don't Worry About This...get Her Back Home..she Will Just Cry And Cry Because She Is Lonely And Scared....
One of my three week old silkie chicks is doing the same thing, but not to that extent. i am worried that it could get that bad though.

i hope someone gives us some advice!
You might try rigging a barricade that lets them see each other without being able to peck. Maybe some screen wire or hardware cloth? It's hard to predict. Sometimes chicks really do kill a targeted chick.
blue kote and rooster booster are a blue "ointment" that will heal and cause others to get a nasty taste in their mouths, thus training them to stop pecking so much. Ask for it at any feedstore.. sold under several names
When I noticed the slightest aggression I went in the brooder box and rearranged their furniture so to speak. It shakes up their routine and redifines the pecking order whereas if one is getting too comfortable it's knocked back a few pegs!
Okay im still having trouble with my chicks, i put some guaze on the chick missing its feathers on its neck and as soon as i put him back in the brooder the whole flock swarmed him so i put a barrier up and seperated part of the brooder just for him. So what should i do now? Please help! thanks for the replies
I agree with Bedste. My flock killed one of the Polish by pecking her head and started on the other one. I put Blu Kote on her head and when they started again, they quit and wiped their beaks on the ground. They haven't bothered her since and its been 3 months!
But I been putting "peck no more" him because our local feed store didnt have blu kote and even after apppling the peck no more the others in the flock still pecked at him and then they would rub there heads in the ground and they would still keep pecking at him so what should i do now?
I couldn't find "Blue Kote" per se but they had something they called Blue Lotion. It comes in a spray so I don't know why they called it lotion and it stained her feathers purple but anyway it worked. I also read in Backyard Poultry to use Betadine spray and they edon't like the taste of that also. Again, it worked. They wiped their beaks like it was nasty.
I just prefer the purple color on her head. She's a white Polish with purple crest now. I spray it on once every few weeks.

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