6+ Dominique and Buff Orpington Hatching eggs--SOLD

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    For sale:

    6+ Dominique and/or Buff Orpington Hatching eggs. Will include 3+ of each breed. Price includes shipping. If you pay by gift on Paypal, we can lower the price to $24. However, Paypal charges us a fee for each transaction that is not a gift, so we have it listed for $26 in case someone pays as "goods" instead of as a gift. Our Doms and Buff Orpingtons are all in the same pens together by breed because winter is quickly approaching. While the eggs you get will be pure breeds, the eggs come from some hatchery stock and some Standard of Perfection stock. So, no guarantees on quality of chicks can be offered. However, we do guarantee that all of the chicks you hatch will be pure bred Doms or Buff Orps.

    NPIP approved.

    When setting our own eggs, we have had over 90% hatch rates. However, shipping does jar the eggs around, so no guarantees can be made.
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