6 eggs

florida lee

8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
i've gotten 6 eggs in 7 days. 2 eggs today all have been beige.....that means I have two hens laying,,,,,,one is Blk Australorp and the other is a mystery hen.
Also got two new hens yesterday . A blue Cochin and a blue Cochin/americana (Easter Egger) cross, but she does not have blue/green legs nor puffy cheeks so I'm not so sure about the mix. they said she just started to lay (green eggs)....today she was in the next box but no egg. I figure the stress of new diggs put her off schedule. the new blue Cochin is very small so I'm worried about her with my older hens (21 wks). she looks to be about 13 or 14 wks. Even the one she came with was picking on her.
Well, she might just be the last one on the pecking order. If she starts getting hurt, i would separate her from the flock until her wounds heal- that's what i do when one gets bloody bald spots. It took a few weeks for my older hens to accept the younger ones. What I did was keep the young chicks separated from the hens until i had the time to watch them. then i would let them together and just watch and step in if one was getting picked on too much. also- putting them in the same coop at night when they are tired helped to assimilate them. The thinking is that when they wake up in the morning they think that the new ones were there the whole time. it didn't always work but eventually my flock was fine with each other. Give it a few weeks, if it doesn't get better you might have to rehome her. best of luck!

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