6 Exhibition quality Blue Laced Red Wyandotte eggs


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Mar 27, 2011
Rancho Santa Fe
These are not Hatchery lines and the pictures speak for themselves. We have been told we have some of the nicest Blue Laced Red Wyandottes in the country and we are finally offering some of our eggs due to the fact the incubators are full and we have chicks everywhere!
With Blue Laced Red Wyandottes you can expect Blue Laced, Black Laced and Splash. The thing that separates our BLRW from others is their mahogany color, so many you see out there are a washed out amber or orange, the lacing should be crisp and these are a deep blue. Also so many you see are small and look like rocks. Our BLRWs are large and sphere shaped with nice full open tails. You may get a single comb here and there but it is not common with our line.
Rancho Santa Fe chickens enjoy the coastal breezes and eat only the finest organic food high in protein and supplemented with flax and fish meal. They free range on grass and bugs and receive greens, fruits and vegetables every day. These eggs may only be offered for a short time as we are constantly working to improve type and color, we just have too many babies right now and decided to offer them here. Fertility has been great and the chicks have been beautiful and strong.
Shipping is Priority Mail and NO GUARANTEES once eggs leave our hands, We cannot control how they are handled, Incubated etc after they leave here. Eggs will be wrapped, each one carefully and we will keep our fingers crossed with you that they arrive safely. Paypal only and payment is expected when auction closes.
So if your looking for these beautiful chickens here is your opportunity to get these gorgeous, docile and very sweet birds for your backyard coop!

You can see my birds at www.facebook.com/ranchosantafechicks and click on photos!!! Happy Bidding!!!








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