6 Frizzle Standard Cochin eggs and 6 Blue Laced Red Wyanndotte hathing eggs

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    NPIP Tested

    6 Frizzle Standard Cochin Eggs. Frizzle standard Cochin have feathers on their feet and lay medium brown eggs. Frizzles are birds that have feather's that grow backward, making them look like they were in a wind storm. Hens are standard Cochins, roosters are frizzle. Hen colors are buff, barred, black, gold Laced, sliver laced and red. Chicks have a 50% chance of being frizzles.

    6 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes eggs. Most of my birds are out of the Lowell Barber Line. They are very beautiful birds. I have also added some other great lines to improve my birds. Chicks can hatch blue laced, black laced or splash.


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