6 Frizzle Tolbunt / Goldlace Polish eggs


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Jun 29, 2009
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I have 2 frizzle Tolbunt hen . They are in with a Goldlace polish rooster. I am getting 2 eggs a day . So you will get the last 6 eggs layed. I will ship on Monday. shipping will be $15
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From the looks of it, the Gold Laced has white in the crest and tail. . . And isn't bearded? So, thus, the offspring will have larger wattles, smaller beards, I'm guessing?

Where/Who'd your Tolbunts come from?
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These are L/F . There are bantams in the U.S . I know a breeder that has been working with them.

As far as the Goldlace rooster . I would have liked for him to be bearded . But I guess since there so few Tolbunts in the U.S I am better to use him then make omelets out of the eggs..

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