6 Giant Lavender Cochin Project Hatching Eggs

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    6 Lavender Orpington/Black Cochin Project Eggs

    Please read the description before bidding. Ship date for these eggs will be August 1.

    You are bidding on 6 (extras not guaranteed) eggs from our Giant Lavender Cochin project. We are breeding a Lav Orp cockerel to show quality black Cochin hens. The chicks you will be all split to lavender. These eggs will be shipped as soon as payment is received. In order to get these ready to ship, we need prompt payment. We hatch eggs from this project on a regular basis in an incubator. You can use these to add more "fluff" and size to your Lavender Orpington project or start your own project. I currently have 6 of these in my incubator developing.

    PAYMENT: Paypal only, please. If you would like your phone number placed on the box for post office pickup, please include it when you send payment. Also, please include your BYC username in the message box. This helps keep me straight. My PayPal payment address is [email protected].

    TERMS: This auction is a final sale. Please understand that hatching eggs involves some risks and chance, so please refrain from bidding if you are not willing to accept the risks. We package the eggs to be best of our ability, but breakages can occur in cases of mishandling by the postal service.

    SHIPPING: I will ship your eggs via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail by request. Please let me know if you would like shipping insurance. Please note that Priority mail is starting to take a little longer that what it used. I've noticed that eggs arrive in 3-5 days, with some arriving in 2 days.

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a commercial farm. We are just simple country folk who love chickens! We have a limited number of eggs that we will be offering for auction.

    Thank you for looking at our auction! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask before bidding!

    All photographs and other content included in this auction is property of Green Family Farms. No part may be used without permission. Copyright 2010.


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