6+ Giant LF Barred Cochin Hatching Eggs

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    Buy it Now at our pre-Spring pricing! 6+ Giant LF Barred Cochin Hatching Eggs! $12 + $13 Shipping!

    My incubators are full and fertility is excellent! These large fowl Cochins are very docile and one of my personal favorites!

    Cochins are heavily feathered down the shanks and toes. They are very gentle, excellent setters and require little space.

    NPIP 31-536 & AI Monitored Let me know if you need NPIP paperwork with the eggs.

    Due to the nature and handling of shipped eggs unfortunately we can not guarantee your hatch rate. We DO guarantee all eggs to be fresh and arrive in good condition and in a timely manor. We ship priority mail and individually wrap each egg in a well padded box. Because of the delicate time frame of hatching eggs we accept PayPal online payments only or cash upon pickup. Please pay promptly so I can ship your eggs quickly!

    Buy with confidence and PM with any questions.

    Shipping by Priority Mail at $13.00 (US Only) - Shipping Available on or after March 5th

    http://www.sunnysideupmicrofarm.com Jill 216-470-6932

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