6 Golden Cuckoo Marans eggs to ship Friday


10 Years
Jul 9, 2009
I have 6 eggs from the Golden Cuckoo Marans pen (1 rooster and 4 hens) that can ship tomorrow (Friday). My birds are from BYC member pasofino farm (link to her website is https://nonesuchfarm.net/poultry.html#golden) and from BYC member rockinpaints "The Fancy Chick" http://www.thefancychick.com/ (from before they added the feather legs to their line). Our birds are mostly clean-legged but some do hatching with small feathers on the legs, if that matters to you. They are all gorgeous birds and we love them. I don't have any extra marans eggs to send this time, but if you'd like an olive-egger egg (EE hens in that same pen), or a white/showgirl silkie egg, or a serama egg as the extra, I can do that no problem. Just let me know.

The other hens in the picture are not in the pen any more. Two of the hens are the ones eating on the right in the photo. Our rooster is very pretty and even has the 5-point comb!


Back of chicks showing the slight feathering on the legs:


We will send the Texas P/T certification with the eggs on the outside of the box.

Sorry I don't offer heat-packs because it could overheat the eggs during the part of their trip here in TX (or when they're indoors at any P.O.) We've had good luck with shipping in cold weather (much better than shipping in hot weather).
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