6 hens, 1 Ameraucana, all green eggs!


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May 13, 2009
We adopted 6 hens and brought them home last Saturday (5 days ago), all different breeds, all supposedly around 10 months old and healthy layers. So far we've had 3 green eggs (all on different days and in the same nest), 1 broken egg in the run -- I saw it too late to retrieve it, saw a shell remnant so know it was brown, but 3 hens were devouring it as I approached
-- and this morning, 1 "rubber egg" -- brown -- on the floor of the coop that I suspect was laid by the Silver-Laced Wyandotte since she was the last one out and making a racket inside.

We're feeding them Blue Seal organic layer pellets, oyster shell and grit available, they've been feasting on worms and bugs in the run, plus veggie/fruit scraps, and they free-ranged yesterday for a couple hours. I know they ate well in their previous digs and the previous owners didn't disclose any shell-less egg issues.

This is a big transition for them -- they were in a flock of 20 with 3 roosters before.

I'm assuming/hoping this is all normal transition stuff (and thinking our 1 Ameraucana is the most well-adjusted of the bunch!) but would love any thoughts/suggestions/feedback since we're brand-new at this!


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Feb 5, 2009
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Transition stuff or not, you need to try to get on top of the egg eating fast. It is not an easy habit to break. Might consider building rollout nest boxes, and confining them til they lay all their eggs in the nest boxes.

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