6 Large Fowl Juvenile Blue Cochins - Will Ship

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    May 2, 2010
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    6 Large Fowl Juvenile Blue Cochins. I have quite a few blues available. I’m unable to sex them as they’re still quite young (a few weeks to a few months or so in age - mostly feathered). I am offering 6 for $45, plus $5 box fee and exact shipping to your location (email me your zip code if you’re interested for a quote). **Cannot ship to Virginia, Alaska, or Hawaii** These are very promising birds with great type and excellent leg/foot feathering. Photos of the parent stock can be seen on my website:http://feathersfur.weebly.com/large-fowl-cochins.html . I took these photos last year, but these are the birds I have been breeding from. If you are interested in more than 6, let me know and we can work out something. You can either PM me or email [email protected] . Pictured are the dad and a few of the young blues.

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