6 Lavender Project Orpington Chicks for Pick up in Connecticut

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  1. Tony

    Tony Songster

    Jan 16, 2008
    I have 6 lavender orpington chicks I hatched out this past weekend. If anyone in CT,NJ,MA,NY,VT,NH,RI or anywhere else is interested in starting up a small flock or adding to your already existing flock take a ride and come get them. [​IMG] I am in Shelton, Ct.
    NO Shipping on these chicks, they must be picked up here. These are straight run only, I have no clue what their sexes are.
    Thanks, Tony

    Pics are not of actual chicks for sale, just letting you know what they do look like.
    THOUGH, the chicks pictured here ARE my own birds.

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  2. Beth G.

    Beth G. Gaetano Family Farm

    Quote:Oh Look at the little babies!! I just bought a bator Toni and I am going to attempt to hatch out some of the eggs from the girls I bought from you. Wish me luck!! [​IMG]

    Anyone else looking at these cute babies Tony produces some really beautiful birds!! I bought some from him recently and all my family and friends say they are just the most beautiful birds they have ever seen.

    Take Care,
  3. Tony

    Tony Songster

    Jan 16, 2008
    Awww, Thanks sooo much Beth, I`m happy you`re enjoying the birds. [​IMG]
    I wish you the best of luck hatching out the eggs. Let me know how you do when they hatch.
  4. Mommi3130

    Mommi3130 Songster

    Jun 4, 2009
    I sooooooo wish I was closer [​IMG]

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