6 Lavender/Split Showgirl/Silkie hatching eggs NPIP

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    Dec 2, 2008
    Schertz TX
    This special pen have one purebred Lavender silkie rooster with 2 lavender Splite showgirl hens and 2 black showgirl hens. There is no doult about the color of chicks you might get, no blue, splash or ??? in this pen.
    Rooster is Bren's line, win first place in Fayette County Fair in La Grange TX 2010.
    Chicks should be Lavenders or Splits which will be black carries one set of lavender gene. It takes two set of lav gene to be 100% lavender.
    This is for seriouse showgirl fanciers that desire lavender showgirls, or any one who's a showgirl fan that like to hatch some lavender/split. You will get some % of silkies from this hatch because the rooster is 100% silkie but keep in mind that the silkie you hatch from this pen, chicks does carries showgirl gene. Eggs will be ship in foam container, it's totally safe and secured.
    Please pm me if you should have any questions. Thank you for looking.

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