6+ Lemon Blue Standard Cochin Project Hatching Eggs++24 Hr. Auction+++

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    Nov 22, 2008
    Wingshadows Hacienda
    6+ Lemon Blue Standard Cochin Project Hatching Eggs to ship from CA on Thursday, February 17, 2011. Price includes Priority shipping via USPS with delivery confirmation.

    This is "not" a recognized color but is my version of Lemon Blue. You will hatch Lemon Blue, Blue, Brown/Red & Splash from these eggs. Here are pics of some of my flock


    Lemon Boy, the Baby Daddy

    Smokey, Lemon Boy's Dad

    Lemon Boy's son-Sold

    Lemon Boy's daughter, Catherine 8 months old


    Valentino- Lemon Boy's son - Sold



    Spook, Lemon Boy's son

    Cherokee-Lemon Boy's Son-retained

    Pic of 4 of the babies I hatched Spring 2010.

    My fertility is running 95-100%. I have hatched 22 peeps since the 3rd of January. I have another 10 due to hatch on the 21st.

    Some of the babies from the January 15th hatch

    I just hatched 10 more babies January 21st~!

    Please do not hesitate to email or PM me with any questions. I take Paypal at [email protected] (Virginia Van Dyke).
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    My eggs are growing so well! Looks to be very high fertility. One more week and we shall see! [​IMG]
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    Mar 27, 2009
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    The babies I have from you are so beautiful! They are such sturdy chicks and are growing like weeds! Unfortunately I think I have 3 roos, but I also think they are going to be very very handsome! Thanks so much!
    Amy in Alaska

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