6+ LF Lavender and Lavender Split Ameraucana hatching eggs

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    My roosters are from John Blehm. My hens are from Anne Foley. I have split hens that are a mix of these bloodlines. Several of my hens have been shown and done well. All the chicks you get will be Lavenders or Lavender Splits. I have hatched a few single combs. Lavenders are still in the working stages.

    I can ship as early as tomorrow.

    Here are some pictures of my chickens.

    One of my Black hens


    Another one of my black hens.

    One of my Lavender roosters with his hens.

    Another picture of one of my Lavender roosters and hens.

    Here is a cockerel I sold that was hatched out from my Black hens and the Lavender rooster last year.


    Here is another cockerel from last year from the black hens and Lavender roosters that I sold.


    Here are some pictures of chicks I hatched out this year.


    We have had good fertility here, but I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping and/or incubation methods. I accept paypal

    Please feel free to ask any questions.

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