6 ++lovely blue Ameraucana eggs blue over splash hens


11 Years
Oct 2, 2008
Beautiful blue eggs from beautiful birds.
7 here from yesterday, today and tomorrow should put it at least at 10-GREAT buy for you!!

Ameraucanas are from ABC members,pen of blue roo over blue and black hens and most from pen of blue roo over splash hens. Parents selected and bred to APA Standard. Parents have been shown and placed well.
Heavy hatching on the blue and splash, (esp the pen of blue over splash (0
colors from med laced, to very light, to dark as blues can run. Hens lay great blue color, offspring of pen has produced all blue layers that I have grown out to laying, though it is always possible for recessive genes to throw a green one.
As it is possible to have traits not to Standard show up. Ameraucana is a newer breed so things pop up from time to time. Select your best for breeding.
Egg color can fade towards end of cycle, diet, or temperature. Right now some are a lovely blue, some are a bit faded bc they have been laying for a while .
Eggs collected yesterday and today and whatever is layed tomorrow before ideally shipping Monday . Pls send email at close of auction for paypal.
Olive Eggers, Olive Egger/Marans crossbacks or Marans can be added if available to your order.
Olive Eggers 20.00 a doz Marans 30.00 right now there would just be 6 of either
adding more eggs to this will i crease postage
Storage, fertility, hatching is good, (great even from people who have bought these), shipping careful...individual results may vary for you.
A pretty basket is why we got chickens, the kids love to see what is there day to day and love these blue ones!
pls send email at close of auction

Few more pics

doz eggs
Amer eggs, plate is BBS pen, dish and one is front is offspring from pen
black Ameraucana hen
splash pullet and egg laid
colorful egg basket top Olive Egger, Olive Egger, straight combed olive egger, 2 Cuckoo Marans
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