6 mille fleur/black mottled bantam cochin chicks 6 wks PICKUP/meet

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    There are a total of 7 boys and 2 girls to choose from. The winner gets the pick of them.
    All chicks were hatched Sept 21-22 under broodies. Raised outside/ in coop. They're quite cold hardy already, as they've not had a brooder lamp.
    They've been raised an organic diet with some insect forage.

    There are 3 black mottled boys with varying degrees of black, from mostly black to almost white.
    There's one mille-fleur boy. There are 3 mille-pattern on white boys.
    There are two mille patterned girls. The pattern will change as they feather out completely over the next couple months.

    Two white-with black mottled boys with the mille fleur girl
    The cutest black mottled boy --lots of personality
    The mille fleur with white boy with the mille girl and a darker girl
    A mille fleur with white boy from above
    This is the one straight mille fleur boy with a black mottled white boy behind

    ABSOLUTELY no SHIPPING, but pickup is fine. I can meet within 45 min drive of Pittsburgh.

    Please just EMAIL, don't PM. It's easy to check from my phone that way.

    [email protected]
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