6 Month old Cornish X processed

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    We let 6 of our Cornish X from the spring go to 6 months to see if there was a difference between processing at 10 - 12 weeks old. The younger the better we have found. The older X's when skinning them were tough and the meat was darker; not only that but the breast size was smaller than the younger ones we had processed; ours were allowed to free range in the yard. We did not weigh the older birds but the younger ones dressed out between 8-10 pounds on 20 % protein feed. The younger ones were kept in a portable chicken tractor. We will always process at 8-12 weeks for sure !!! Just FYI for anyone else who was wondering how the ages compare [​IMG]

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    looks like he is saying, "What-you-talkin-about, Willis?"

    thanks for the tips!
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    Good to know, my FIL keeps telling me to let some of mine get older and now I have the proof. That chicken looks angry!
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    Quote:Probably not anymore!

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