6 Month old Spangled Russian Orloff Pair

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  1. I have for sale one pair of Spangled Russian Orloffs. These are from Erhard Weis (directly). The pullet was scalped by my older Orloffs but has recovered nicely. I have tried to reintroduce her to the flock and they are relentless about picking on her so I have decided to sell her as I don't think the older birds will ever accept her again. [​IMG] She does have some VERY slightly crooked toes ( I can take some photos) but not anything that would stop me from using her in a breeding program as her coloration & temperament are great.

    The cockerel is VERY docile and sweet. He has limped since I bought him. I have checked him over for injuries and have found none. He also has an odd tail angle and too much white for my taste as a breeder. I only have room for one pen of these guys and my older rooster will kill him if I try to keep them together.

    I don't want to have to cull either because these are rare birds and the flock these came from has been closed for years. I personally saw the parent birds and know the potential that these two could have on the breed if they go into the right hands of a dedicated breeder. That said I'm selling them for 1/3 of what I bought them for (and I've had them for three months' worth of feed).

    I am open to any/all offers on these two (I will be losing money on them no matter what), I just want them to go to a good home and I don't want to have to kill them.

    Sorry I cannot ship.

    You will need to make arrangements to pick these two up in Omak or Okanogan, WA or I can deliver to certain areas within Washington for the cost of gas.

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