6 Mottled Houdan Eggs/GA--$18 includes shipping


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Oct 14, 2008
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Once again, I have moved this auction to Ebay, so if you bid on this auction, you will get the next set of 6 mottled houdan eggs.

I have 6 mottled houdan eggs ready to go. $18.00 includes shipping.



Houdan are an old French breed, once known as the Normandy fowl. They were given the name Houdan because large numbers of these birds were bred in the town of Houdan in France. Once valued in France for their fine white meat and large eggs, they are now considered an ornamental breed. Houdan have crests, beard and muffs, and five toes. It is believed they were bred from Crevecoeurs, Polish and possibly Dorkings. Roos may weight up to 8 lbs. and hens 6 1/2 lbs.

My eggs are carefully wrapped in bubblewrap packages and the boxes tightly stuffed with newspaper or other packaging material. I take very good care of my birds and these eggs are definately fresh and fertile when I send them, however, I am not responsible for postal mishandling or poor hatches due to improper incubation or just plain bad luck. Please understand the risk before you buy.
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I just want to say that DESPITE the eggs getting lost for 3 days by the PO when it was hot out, one entire day spent in a route truck, closed up in the sun, I had one hatch from a 6-pack of these eggs two days ago.

It takes a very healthy gene pool to withstand that (or divine intervention!) sort of abuse and still hatch!

Thanks, Becky! Literally the cutest baby I've ever hatched!

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