6 MTH SILKIE PAINT COCKERAL!!! QUICK 3 day auction!!! **PICS**

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    Up for auction is a nice, started silkie PAINT cockeral!!! 5-6 months old! Nice coloring, toes, type and still growing! Does have some pigmentation holes on feet, which is common in paints.**Note: he is missing some feathers in the middle of his feet, but they will grow back(see pic). He will make a good addition to a paint program! I am NPIP tested. This is a quick, three day auction, so he can ship out on Tuesday! I will ship, as the weather is perfect for shipping--please note, I only ship live birds at the beginning of the week(Mon or Tues) so nothing risks getting stuck at the PO over the weekend. I will ONLY ship within the 48 contiguous states EXCEPT Virginia-- I cannot ship to VA as I believe that requires a special permit, but pick up is welcome** Shipping will be $55 which includes a poultry shipping box, insurance, and confirmation. **Please note, if shipping plus the $10 box is less, I will refund the difference once he's been shipped!!!** I accept Paypal or a money order as payment, but please understand that a money order will take longer to receive and he won't be shipped until money order is received. Auction will end Saturday and they will ship out Monday as long as payment is received. Feel free to PM me with questions! Please note in the true spirit of an auction, I am starting this auction LOW-- $1 with NO RESERVE!! In no way does the starting price determine the quality of this cockeral!!! GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIDDING!!! Here are a few pics I just took today:

    **Edited to add, these are from euro lines:





    **Edited to add these are Euro lines!**
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    Nice boy you have!!! I have too many boys!!
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    Quote:Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Why, thank you! [​IMG]
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    This is a nice looking boy! Has nice type, but of course with the quality of your birds, you could make anything pretty [​IMG] If I didn't already have 4 nice paint cockerel's I would snatch him up!!! I'm just hoping the other 2 I have are pullets [​IMG]

    Guy's you better to get to bidding, this guy is worth more than $89~!

    [email protected]@ do you breed black silkies ?????
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